Bluegrass Heritage Insurance Group, LLC is a BBB Accredited Insurance Company in Berea, KY

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between Globe Life Family Heritage Division (FH) and Bluegrass Heritage Insurance Group (BHIG)?

BHIG is an independent yet captive agency for FH. FH is the only insurance company that we represent and sell for.

I’ve Never Been In Sales Before: Can I Really Make A Good Income?

Absolutely! Some of our top income earners come from a completely unrelated field. We often see this as an advantage since we train you from the ground up. Some of the top six figure income earners each year with FH are people in their first year with the company and 1 in 8 full-time career agents earn a six-figure income!

Your income will be the direct reflection of two things: 1. Your work effort. 2 Your ability to apply the BHIG system. If you have confidence in those two things both BHIG and FH will provide you the opportunity and support to reach your income goals.

Do I Have To Have Sales or Insurance Experience?

No. The characteristics that define success in this business and any type of sales is the willingness to work hard, study hard, be coachable/teachable, be a self-starter and to be self-disciplined. In addition, we offer a great training program for our Sales Professionals!

Is it Commission Only?

No. The great thing about BHIG is that we offer 2 different compensation options: Advanced Commission with Bonuses OR Base Pay with Commission Sharing and Bonuses. Our sales and management professions take advantage of the fact that there is no limit to the amount they can earn. In addition, there is an award-winning cash and incentive program available to you.

How Much Will I Be Paid?

In our business, our Sales Professionals control this! Put simply, the more you work, the more you will get paid!

When Do I Get My First Paycheck; Do I Have To Sell?

Yes, this is a sales position. We pay every week based on successfully processed business. Your first paycheck is the week following your first sales week where business is generated for Advanced Commission or the 2nd week for Base Pay. The simple policy underwriting allows us to pay so quickly.

Do You Offer Paid Benefits?

BHIG and FH offer many incentives, bonuses and trips.

What Does It Mean to Be Fully Vested with FH?

FH vesting in your personal and team renewals is as follows: 50% at 2 years, 60% at 3 years, 70% at 4 years and 100% at 5 years. If you were to leave FH after those time periods, you will continue to receive your commissions. Should something happen to you, your vested commission will go to whomever you designate.

Vesting could occur earlier on the renewals due to permanent disability, age 65 or death.

How Will I Market The Products?

We market our products to reach the whole market: Business-to-Business (IE Small & Large Companies, State & Local Governments, School System, Etc.) & Consumer-to-Consumer (IE Referrals, Leads, Etc.). Our goal to sit down with 30 decision makers each week (virtually or in person). We have found the personal touch works best. Meeting people face-to-face is simple, challenging and more enjoyable for those that work well with people.

While many companies might use other methods, such as telemarketing, junk mail, buying mass-produced leads, or depending on family and friends… we have discovered these tactics to be too frustrating, expensive and increasing ineffective. Your income and therefore your success do not rely on any factors outside of your control.

Although we may be a little old-fashioned, we understand that long-term success in sales is built on trust. Nothing builds trust with clients better than personal contact with a sincere, confident, well-connected Sales Professional.

Where will I Be working?

This often depend on where you live, but we generally don’t expect people to travel more than an hour from home (about a 2-3 county radius). While territories are open, BHIG works closely with the rest of the team to avoid any overlap; however, you may write business wherever you are licensed.

How Much Travel Is Involved?

This is a local career. Most of your time will be spent working in your territory. As part of the training process, BHIG and FH offers several training weeks and days per year where you have the chance to work with and learn from some of the best in both BHIG and FH. There is also travel to convention destinations that are made available to you and your family. These are destination like New York City, Miami, Cancun, San Diego, Denver, etc.

Where Is the Office; How Often Do I Have To Go To It?

We have 2 office locations: Lawrenceburg, KY & Glasgow, KY with a goal to open several more in the next few years. However, this is a local career and most of our Sales Professionals work within a 2-3 county radius of where they live. They DO NOT have to drive to any of the offices on a daily basis.

What Kind of Hours Will I Work?

First, you must realize this is a full-time career opportunity. To be successful, a Sales Professional should commit to between 40 and 50 hours a week in the field. This is especially important during the first 3 months.

When Do I Have To Work?

Our Sales Professionals do not work set hours and choose which hours they wish to work. The business, government and school market tend to be more of a daytime market. The residential market is geared more toward the evening. We will help customize a plan for you depending on your skills and goals.

When Can I Get into Management?

We are a company where people with leadership qualities thrive. There is no required time limit before you can be in leading and managing people. While our Sales Professional make a very lucrative income, training and managing people adds significantly to your income opportunity.

The first level of management is called a Field Director and as a person starts to train, he or she is pretty much promoted. The 2nd level is called a Market Director, the 3rd level is called a Regional Director and the 4th level is called an Agency Owner/Sales Director. Once a person is promoted to an Agency Owner/Sales Director, he or she can choose to break off from BHIG and form his or her own agency! We DO NOT hold our people back! In addition, we also do have other forms of Senior Leaders.

Do I Have To Get An Insurance License?

Yes. Every state licenses a little different than the others. If you are selected for a position, we will walk you through the licensing process. The initial licensing costs are your responsibility; however, both FH and BHIG offer incentives where you can be refunded these costs. This means you could get YOUR LICENSE for free!

How Will I Be Trained?

After you are licensed, FH will provide 4 days (Monday through Thursday) of sales training called Sales Academy (SA). This is intensive classroom training to teach you about your new career. This industry leading training is usually held in Nashville, TN. The day following SA, you will have orientation. The following week, you will spend time in the field with a trainer or manager. In addition, training is an ongoing process at BHIG. We truly have made training the cornerstone of our company and we are committed to providing the best sales and management training to ensure your success. We don’t just throw you out there.

What Expenses Do I Have?

The company provided all sales marketing materials at no cost (brochures, applications, forms, etc.). There are also no costs for an office, computer or start-up fees. There are also no costs for any training. You are responsible for the initial license costs (that you could be refunded for), providing reliable transportation and any minimal home office expenses.

What Are The Requirements?

A person has to be 18 years of age or older (state licensing requirement) and be willing to work hard, study hard, be coachable/teachable, be a self-starter, be self-disciplined, be honest, be trustworthy and want to help people.